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Have You Any Old School Photos?  Who Were Your Teachers? Classmates?

West End School Circa 1926

Back Row 3rd From Right Is Arthur English, I Believe That 3rd Row,

3rd From Right Could Be My Gran' Ruby Greenwood Who Was The Same Age As Arthur & Was In His Class

& Front Row 3rd From The Left Ruby's Brother Jack, Who Was One Of Arthur's Friends.


I received an E-Mail from Alan Case who identified the boy third from the left in the back row as being his uncle Eric Case.  Eric was born in 1919 and was living at 9 Cavendish Road at the time.

After West End School he went to Aldershot County High School and left in 1935. He joined the Southern Railway as a clerk in London and never returned to live in Aldershot. He died 21st August 2012 aged 93 and had spent most of his latter years in Horsham.

Eric's father Sam (Alan's grandfather) had arrived in Aldershot about 1906 working on the railway.  Eric had two brothers, Ern and Ron. Ern joined the Royal Navy as a regular sailor and after the war worked at Gale and Polden and NGTE Pyestock. He lived in Calvert Close and Holly Close.

Ron (Alan's father) also attended West End School. He worked all his life at Gale and Polden retiring in 1974. He was born in 1909 and died in 1988. He married Maud Hill in 1935 at St Michael's Parish Church and subsequently lived at 80 Herrett Street. My mother Maud also worked at Gale and Polden until I came along. At the time of the  marriage she was living in Belle Vue Road but previously her father had been landlord of the Nightingale in Ash.

I was born at The Aldershot Cottage Hospital on 22nd July 1936. I attended Newport Road School from 1941 to 1947 and  then went to Farnborough Grammar School. I worked for the Ministry of Defence all over the place from 1953 to 1994.  I married Patricia Davies at St Augustine's Church in 1962 and have not lived in Aldershot since. When we married my wife was living in Fleet but most of her life she had lived at 19 Brighton Road and had attended Newport Road School and Aldershot County High School. We now live in Basingstoke.

I have two brothers. Mike who lives in Four Marks and attended Newport Road School and St Michael.s Secondary Modern, and Ray who lives in Trowbridge and attended Newport Road School and Farnborough Grammar School.


Teachers & Staff Of St Michaels - Circa 1955

Many thanks to David Pendrill who sent in this photo - Mr Fry is the headmaster, also Mr Edwards (French & English), Miss Shrimpton (Home Economics), Mr Davis (Woodwork), Mr White (Science) and Mr Renders (Art).

David used to live at 15 friend Avenue and as a child in 1950, he remembers the sign on the gate in what is now Wilson Road for Yew Tree Farm. 

He kindly sent me the satellite location picture in the "Please Help" area of this site.

Mark Stokes identifies the following:  

Back row - Far right Dennis "Chalkie" White (Science), 2nd from the left Tony Lewis (Sports Teacher)

Middle row - 2nd from the right Mrs Wareham (Geography & 2nd left Mrs Smith (Art)

Front row - 2nd from the right Norman Kerr (Maths) - He taught me too at Heron Wood

David Leedham has e-mailed me to help put a date on some of the aerial photos – he says:  Stumbled upon your interesting site and was intrigued by your school's section and it seems I can point you towards a more accurate attribution of a photo you have included.  The photo of the teaching staff at St Michaels secondary School looks from the background to have been taken at the "New school" in Church Lane East .  This puts the date of the photo later more like  1962-1964. 

I was a first year pupil at this school in the last year the school was based at the Park Road building (1961-2) and recall moving into the brand new building in September 1962. I still have the booklet which records and commemorates the official opening of the school by the then assistant Bishop of Guildford Rt Rev FF Johnston.  The Park Road site then became St Michael's Primary school and I think my memory serves me correct that this is when the old " National School " in High Street finally closed as an educational facility. 



Mark Stokes has sent me this picture, which was taken at East End School for some kind of Coronation celebrations involving fancy dress.

      From left to right;

      Mark's mum, Minnie Stokes, his dad, Frank Stokes, 

      neighbours, Marilyn Downes, Derek Jones and His Mother

      and Mark Stokes himself.

      Mark was dressed as the then famous jockey "Gordon      Richards"  and the Mayor  who he believes was Fred Stay (Owner of the Dairy   F.Stay).

      Mark and his family lived in Mt Pleasant Road at the time

     of this photo.


Ann Larkins (Nee Haynes) has sent me these two photos.  Above she is in the second row, third from the right. 

The photo is of the Manor Park Girls Choir and was taken around 1950.  Can anybody help fill in some of the names?

Prior to attending Manor Park Ann went to Newport County Infants & Junior Schools.  Here she has vivid memories of going to the little shop near to the school and being caught by the Truancy Officer. 

Through her tears she told him she wasn't at school because she had nits.

Ann couldn't offer us photographs of her early years in Aldershot but does have memories to share. Born in 1939 in Oxford, but her mother who had separated from her husband followed a soldier to Aldershot when she was about 18 months (he later became her stepfather).
At first she was in a convent at the top of the town until she was about 4 years old when her mother retrieved her when she was given a new council house in Friends Avenue and they moved in to no 29.

She has only vague memories of that time of her life but does remember her mother along with other neighbours in the 1940's being offered the house to buy for £600.She was told she didn't have to find any money for a deposit she would simply have the rent converted to a mortgage but she wouldn't agree to it thinking she would be owing too much money. Her mother would often make toffee apples to sell to the local children and regularly swapped and sold ration coupons with neighbours. The Coronation saw about thirty neighbours huddled round a new idea (television).


Her mother and stepfather took any jobs they could to make ends meet and for a few years her mother would cycle to Minley Manor to clean for the family. It was only when doing her ancestry research after the death of her mother she discovered that her 2X Great Grandfather on my mothers side was the cousin of the owners of the Manor.


She remember a little shop at the end of Friends Avenue, she thinks it was called Dainties/Dainty's and they had a big metal advertising sign for Craven A which said" it would not affect your throat" and there was also a black Scottie dog on it. Her stepfather frequented a pub down on the Ash Road called the Sir Colin Campbell.  This was at 219 Ash Road and was the birth place of the author of the book Pubs Of Aldershot. Unfortunately there is no photo but it was located between teh corner of North Lane and the Lord Clyde. 

Her brother Michael and she used to push a little old grey pushchair up to the gas works to get coke for the Ideal boiler every Saturday morning. They used walk or cycle for miles in those days up to the Hoggs Back, but one of her favourite places was to a cemetery where they found all sorts of war memorabilia.

They also spent a lot of time at St Augustine's social club and joined in quite a few fancy dress competitions, and even had barbeques out in the garden but doubts if that's what they were called then.


They stayed in Aldershot until about 1955 when my step father got a job at Sopley near Christchurch Dorset but I vividly remember going, as we did every year, to the Farnborough Air Show in 1952 and experiencing that terrible tragedy when the parts of an aeroplane hit people in the crowds.

Below is a photo of her brother Patrick taken when he was about 6 or 7 at Newport School around 1954, he is on the top row 2nd from the right.  Can anybody help fill in some of the other faces?

I have also had an E-Mail from Brian Cainey who has identified his mum as the girl right in the middle of the middle row wearing a checked dress.  She was at the time Gaynor Smith-Langridge.

Her parents, George & Doris, moved to Aldershot from the Isle of Wight in 1952. Both worked at Field Stores and later George worked at 43 Command Workshop, retiring in 1985. I also went to Newport School, as did my Dad and his Mum. My daughter goes there now, making her the 4th generation of our family to attend the school.

My Dad, Norman Cainey, was born at Aldershot Cottage Hospital in 1940 and lived with his mother at 95 Ash Road. He and my Mum met at the Stone Street Methodist Church Youth Club in about 1964. They bought a house at 23 Roberts Road in 1967, where we lived until 1991. I was also born at Aldershot Hospital in 1971 and still live in Aldershot.

Following Brian's E-Mail - I then had one from his mother Gaynor.  I have cut and pasted Gaynor's E-Mail:My son sent the following to me tonight and yes, I can help fill in some of the other faces as I am in the middle row, fifth from the right (Gaynor Smith-Langridge).  Christopher Kay is sixth from the right and the other side of me are Jacqueline Stevens, Leroy Dixon, Terry Walker and Gillian Woods.  On the left end is Charles Bradshaw who now owns the fish and chip shop in Lower Newport Road.  Front row left end is Lesley Gemson and third from end is Sandra White.  The last three on the front row are Eric Gould, Sandra Grant and Susan Sippets.  The twins in the top row are Patsy and Moira Barfoot.  I'm sorry I can't remember any more, but I hope this helps you.

I lived in Aldershot from 1952 until I moved to Farnborough nine years ago.  I started at Newport County Infants School when I was 5and left Newport County Junior School when I was 11 when I went to Aldershot County High School.  After doing a secretarial course at Farnborough Technical College, I worked at Thos. Christy & Co. Limited in North Lane, which was later demolished and Great Mills and later Focus took its place.  My children attended Newport County Infants and Junior Schools and now my eldest granddaughter attends the Newport Junior School.  She is the fourth generation to attend the school as my mother-in-law and her sisters also attended the schools.


Gaynor Frid


I have also had an e-mail from Christopher Kay who identifies himself as the lad in the light T-shirt fifth from the left in the middle row.  He then also identifies Charlie Bradshaw (Bradshaw's fish shop) on the far left of the middle row, Peter Jackson, third from the right on the back row (His mother used to keep the Prince of Wales Pub) and Terry Walker 2nd from the right of the middle row.  I also remember a lot of the teacher’s names but especially Mr Oak and Mrs Lemon. Lesley’s parents owned an off licence/pub very close and I remember playing in the loft area with her, her sister Mary and her brother Peter. All went to Newport Rd school

Now had an e-mail from Sandra Miller (Nee White) with a couple more names to faces in this photo and some history of those in it.

I have just had a message from my mother to tell me that my picture is on your web page. I was at Newport Rd Infant and Junior school and as I was born in 1948 this photo must have been the infants school. I recognize so many of the faces but cannot add a lot of names to it. Front row far left the little girl with the bag across her is Lesley Gemson (now married, and is Lesley Dobson, lives near Peterborough ). The third in from the right front row is myself, Sandra White. I can then tell you that of course I remember Gaynor as I met her two years ago when Lesley and I met again.  Next to Gaynor on the right hand side is Jacqueline but I cannot remember her surname. When we met Gaynor had this picture and we went through a lot of the names as quite a few went on to the same school. I Moved to Farnborough and lost touch with all but Lesley. I do know that Raymond Case is one of the boys as his birthday was the exact same date as mine and we always had to stand up together in assembly – he had a brother in the year above called Michael Case. I have a feeling, for some obscure reason that the girl on the far right of the front row is Peggy. I hope that you can find out all the names as I would love to reminisce as well. Perhaps we could even have a year of 1954 get together.



Brian Spreadborough has E-mailed some teachers names from Newport  School.  Born in 1944 he attended the school with Roger Allwork and his brother Maurice.  He remembers a Miss Mento the infants headmistress, very severe woman whose teaching methods of the time he believes took from being the worst reader in the class to the best.

Other teachers he remembers were the junior school headmaster, Mr Smith, who lived in Frensham, and Mr Oak, Mr Gibbs, Mrs Gibbs, Mrs Nott and Mrs Lemon.

Brian lived at 77 Roberts Road from 1945 until 1966, and also attended Manor Park School.


Manor Park Boys Football Team Circa 1955

Provide By Nikki St Clair - Who Can Only Name Robert (Bob) Spence - Back Row, Far Left - Can You Help Name Some Of The Others?


This photo was sent to me from Evelyn Rich and includes her grandmother Beatrice Maude Steele in the centre row - right end.

She gave me these details, and would like to identify the school.  From the era, and details she gave me I am guessing either Newport or East End, possibly the latter as I went to Newport and the windows don't seem right. Can an ex pupil from East End help?

Here are the details she gave me:

The 1901 census, about the time of this photo has Beatrice at Seymour Villas, North Lane. Sometime before the 1911 census the family had moved to 92 Ash Road -- I just saw this on a google map and have no clue how they all fitted in it. The father, Robert Steele married twice and had a total of 12 children who all lived together. My grand mother was the eldest of 9 daughters.


Delbert Brownlee recalls his school days at East End & Manor Park:

I am now 70 and currently live in Denmark Square in a flat I watched being built in 1952, moving into it in 1963!
I went to East End School from 1947 - 1953 when the Headmaster Mr Bull was quite an old man. When he
retired Miss Bright took over. The teachers in those days were Mrs Pullen, Mr Smith, Miss Trigg (Mrs Marsland) and Miss Bright (who used to bring her white Scottie dog to school in the front basket of her bicycle.  Also Miss Tull, who taught music (violin).
The teachers at the Infants School below the Big School were Mrs Stafford, Mrs Sherman, Miss Amy Griffin and Miss Julia Lockwood, (who later went on to be HeadMistress of Newport Road School).
I was living in Connaught Road at first, then Canning Road, Chetwode Terrace,and Cargate Avenue (behind the silver Water Tower - built in 1906). During all these moves, I still went to East End School, walking some 2 miles each way from Cargate Avenue!
I then went to Manor Park School after failing the second half of my 11plus exam.  The school was still being built. The Dining Hall with the Assembly/Sports Hall above was completed during my first year there. I left aged 15 in 1957.



Ethel Wardell - Left To Right - 1933 - 1910 - 1900

David Wardell has sent me details of his grandmother Ethel Wardell who was a teacher at East End School.


My grandmother, Ethel Wardell , was a teacher at East end School and I append below some historical information for you to use on your web site as you think fit.

Some photographs are attached. The file names are explanatory. The early photo of a school group is believed to be whilst undertaking teacher training. Whereabouts unknown.


Ethel Wardell (neé Hodge) daughter of a cabinetmaker was born 1879. She  was a school teacher and was married to Stanley Wardell. It is uncertain what year she started teaching but by by 1915 she was teaching at the National School in Ash which dated back to 1835 and which later became the Walsh Memorial School in 1915, opening in a brand new building,  named after The Reverend Albert Octavius Walsh , Rector of Ash from 1884 until 1916.


They lived initially at  The School House in Ash and  then in a better cottage in Ash Street  at no. 2 Rosewood Cottages , adjacent to the Cannon Pub. This was  a 17th century building that had originally had a thatched roof.  There were only two Rosewood Cottages and they were built set back from the main street with longish front gardens . There was a small pond opposite where the Pub sign stood in the middle of the water.


Rosewood Cottages were owned and rented out by the farmer  who owned Foreman's farm on nearby Foreman Road (previously known as Rectory Farm) and a lot of land and property nearby.   A large family, the Smiths, lived next door at No 1 Rosewood Cottages.



Ethel Wardell - Middle Row Far Right - Is This East End School?


Ethel and Stan had five children who all attended the local school and later the East End School in Aldershot.


Maurice Leslie              WARDELL               born     1911

Marjorie Lillian            WARDELL               born     1913

(Ron) Ronald Stanley   WARDELL              born     1914

(Dob) Norman Charles WARDELL               born     1916

(Connie)Constance       WARDELL              born     1920


Ethel later taught at the East End Girls School in Aldershot probably around 1920,  ultimately becoming assistant headmistress.   [ Ethel was apparently earning about £3.00 a week at the time she died.]

Husband Stan died of his T.B. at the age of 45 on 12th December 1923.  Their eldest son Maurice was only just 12 yrs old.  


Now with a family of five to bring up on her own Ethel continued her work as a teacher and the family moved to Aldershot to live at  9,St.Michaels Road,  a semi-villa end terrace type of property.  Later they moved again within the Aldershot area,  to ‘Strathmore’,  Highfield Avenue, Aldershot which was just a couple of streets away.

Ethel Wardell died 17 Dec 1937 at Strathmore, Highfield Avenue.


Eldest son Maurice left East End Boys, Aldershot at 15 in 1926 and started work as an apprentice engraver at Phillips The Jewellers in   ? Union Street, Aldershot. Later he was able to pay to put himself through college to become a chiropodist.


Marjorie left school at 16years old in 1929.  She went to Clarkes College, Guildford to train in secretarial skills. Becoming a skilled shorthand typist.  She  gained a job in the City of London at the Ocean Accident and Guarantee Corporation in the Strand , which was later merged in to the London Accident and Guarantee Company (ultimately an offshoot of Commercial Union). She travelled home daily on the train to Aldershot.


Ron WARDELL left school at 15 and took indentures as a carpenter / joiner on 11th December 1929.

These indentures indicate that the family were now living at St.Michaels Road, Aldershot .

He was apprenticed to the firm of Crosby And Company Limited , of  Farnham,  Surrey who were Builders And Contractors and was to learn the trade of carpenter and joiner, over a period of six years.

He was paid eight shillings a week in the first year rising each year by about two shillings a week extra until he was in his final year at a pay rate of 20 shillings a week. He ultimately became a master carpenter.

I have a copy of his indentures.


Norman (Dob) Wardell  started his working life at a tailors in Aldershot.

Constance (Connie) finished her schooling in Newcastle and undertook secretarial training there.


Left to Right Ethel Wardell, Unknown, Connie Wardell & Marjarie Wardell

Also Above Ethel at teacher training sitting on the left hand window sill.


Robert Morley has sent me this picture.  Taken at Newport School circa 1950.  Can anybody help fill in the gaps?

Top row: Robert Morley & Jimmy Osbourne - Head in the corner (David Jones)

Lower Row ?, Peter Letts, Graham Trantham

Thanks to Angela Horton (Nee Pegg) the following have also been identified.  The head in the corner is David Jones and the Lower Row Middle is Peter Letts.  Angela used to live in the old Oast House with the curved wall next to Bradshaws.


Thank you Phillip Terry for sending me this picture of East End School

Delbert Brownlee recalls his days at East End & Manor Park, who now at 70 (June 2013) lives in Denmark Square we he watched being built in 1952.  He went to East End from 1947 to 1953 when Mr Bull was the headmaster.  When he retired Miss Bright took over who used to bring her Westie Terrior in the front basket of her bicycle.  The other teachers he remembers are Mrs Pullen, Mr Smith, Miss Trigg (Mrs Marsland) and Miss Tull who taught music (Violin)

Mark Stokes also went to East End 1956 to 1962 and remembers Mr Mead being the headmaster in the latter years, other teachers include Mr Eels, Mrs Tull, Mrs Young (Her husband owned the sports company in the town), Mrs Marsland and Mr Smith who had the reputation of being a demon with the cane.


Peter Merrett has kindly sent in photos from Newport School from Circa 1930's.

Picture One is class 1 1931/32 Wina (Billie) Riddett is in the back row to the right of the headmistress Miss Mentor

Picture Two - Class 3 1933 - Peter's Mother Zena Riddett is in the 2nd row third from the right

Picture Three - Class 1B

Picture Four - Newport School Panto - Wina (Billie) Riddett front row, third from the left.

Picture Five - Newport School Panto, Zena Riddett is in the back row, I think 3rd from left.


My name is Terry Clark I was born at Holly Rd Aldershot in 1936 and attended St Michaels secondary school up to about 1948.  I was the youngest of 5 children.  One of my older brothers, Donald Clark, played for the school football team, he was the goalkeeper in the attached photo of St Michaels football team, he is still alive aged 82 but he can only remember the name of one of his team mates, namely Beavis Fuller the blonde lad 2nd row left hand side. Perhaps someone could identify some of the other members. The two teachers on the picture are the headmaster Mr Fry and the woodwork teacher Mr Davies.


 St Michaels Football Team – Circa 1945.  Centre Of Back Row – Donald Clark, 2nd row far left – Beavis Fuller.  The two teachers are Headmaster Mr Fry & Woodwork teacher Mr Davis.






Can anybody help provide any more information about Stanley House School ?

My husband helped his friend clear his parents house out after they had passed away.  One of the things he brought away with him was a photo of Stanley House School 1924.  The text under the photo reads Gale & Polden Ltd - Aldershot.