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Introduction To The Site

My name is Pete Myles and I was born in Aldershot in 1963.  The idea for creating this site came to me as I started researching my family history. 

As I walked my dog along the streets I grew up in, thinking about the discoveries I was making, I realised that not only has the Aldershot of my parents, grandparents and great grandparents disappeared, but mine to. 

Out of interest my grandparents, on my father's side, moved into Aldershot around 1927.  Whilst on my mother's side the Greenwoods have lived in Aldershot since at least 1841, where they are listed on the first census as living in Church Hill, and the Underwood's moved into 13 Hardock Street, Aldershot from the Village of Wyke, Normandy, between 1861 and 1871.  Can anybody out there tell me where Hardock Street was?

I spent the first 15 years of my life living at 15 Connaught Road, so I am very familiar with the North Town side of Aldershot.  However in just my life time the large employers of Boots, Air Log, Thomas Christies, the Reme Workshops and the Chicken Factory have all vanished from the area to name but a few.  Incidentally I did my apprenticeship at Air Log and would love somebody to send me some pictures of the old factory, and even better the old wooden carpenters workshop.

For these reasons I thought of setting up a site that, with help from others, not only recorded the Aldershot of my life, but try and recapture the Aldershot of my parents and grandparents.  In return I hope the site will be as of much interest to those who contribute as it is to me.

Please E.Mail me photos you have which capture the various locations in Aldershot, with details of the people in them. 

Do you have photos of Christmas parties in any of the places named above?  Or parents/Grandparents at their local youth club or dance?  The sweetshops outside Newport School or East End School?  I think you probably get the idea!

Please do not send me anything from a book, or with a copyright attached to it, as I am doing this as a hobby and have no way of checking.  Also at this point I would like to retain a cut off point of around 1980 until I find out what response I get and how well I can effectively manage the information I am sent.

In addition to the photos I am hoping to receive, I also thought this could be a site on which people can try and get information about where they or their relatives lived or worked, people they knew and even tell family stories.  I have made few entries of my own to try and get the ball rolling and have added a page of books previously published about the History of Aldershot for those looking for more factual details.  Unfortunately I cannot say which of these books are still in print.